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  • Yes! All of our pets have access to water for the entire duration of their stay.
  • Yes! Many dogs do not adjust well when their food changes. It is much easier on their tummies when they eat food from home. We provide bowls for both food and water, and you provide food from home. We can accommodate food that needs to be refrigerated or frozen, as well as wet food. Many people will bring add ins for their pets such as chicken broth or pumpkin. We do not have any issues adding things to your pet's food. And please label all personal items from home.
  • You are welcome to bring a blanket from home for use in their individual runs. We do get senior dogs and understand the need for their beds. All personal items from home are brought at the owner's discretion and need to be labeled with your pet's name. Hill Country Pet Resort is not responsible for damaged personal belongings.
  • Yes! We can administer medication. All medication (over-the-counter and prescription) needs to be brought in the original packaging. If your pet might need something to take their pills, please bring it—examples: turkey meat, cheese, pill pockets, etc. If your pet takes medication, please reach out to us before bringing your pet for boarding. If your pet takes medication, it needs to be discussed before booking/drop off. Hill Country Pet Resort has the right to refuse service if you do not disclose medications before arrival.
  • Yes! You can email us at hcpetreort@yahoo.com. Updates will not be automatically sent. Please do not send a text message for updates. We will not reply to text messages.

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