Dog Boarding

First Dog                                  $32 per night
Each Additional (in the same run)     $26 per night

Indoor/outdoor spacious runs 
PVC Raised Dog Beds
Play Time

Please feel free to bring anything that makes your dog comfortable. We highly suggest bringing your dog/cats own food portioned out for their stay.If your dog needs medication, we can do that for you as well at no extra cost. 
If pets are destructive extra fees may apply for repair cost.

Cat Boarding

                                         First Cat                               $15 per night
                                         Each additional (in the same run) $12 per night

Cat Bed
Kitty Litter

We charge per night.


Dogs are required to have DHLPP, Bordatella, and Rabies shots in order to be boarded at HCPR.  Cats need to have Rabies and ERC shots to stay at our facility. If you don't have a copy of your pets most current vaccination records, no worries, we can contact your vets office for you and have them email it to us for your convince.